Monday, 18 May 2015

Various Curtains for your Living Room

Curtains certainly are a powerful asset for a room decoration. Curtains are available in various options and design as not only a part of the window treatments but also the part of the harmonious decoration of your room. In this article, we would focus on your living room decoration, regarding closely to the style and the colour palette your room is using.

Basically, the more luxurious the design is, the richer the window treatments you will have to install. For example, for a French living room loaded with a number of ancient furniture, you will need to find a set of curtains which will boost the vintage mood of the space. The most common choice falls upon a wide pole pocket draperies which hang high, too high that you can slip it in an extremely tight depressed space framing the ceiling. Let the drapes brush the floor and tie it loosely to the sides of the window. As a finishing touch, you can hang an additional sheer curtain right beneath the curtain. Some window treatments require more layering. For example in addition to the already existing sheer curtain and the drapes, you can hang the valance on the top layer. If you live in the cold area, you can add a thermal drapery in replacement to your sheer curtain. The thermal drapery will help you block the chilling wind seeping from the window sills.

A living room in basic neutral palette will look impressively fresh with an additional olive long seat and jade ring-top curtains in between the single hung windows. Your curtains make a brilliant source of the colour palette for your room. You can find yourself a nice set of maroon and white decorative draperies above the cream wall and light wooden laminate floor, as an example of maroon above the neutral palette for your room.

Those were few suggestions we have come up with regarding the curtains for your living room. You may add some layer above or beneath your curtain, depending on your room style. And who knows that your curtains make a helpful colour palette.

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