Friday, 15 May 2015

Round Bookcase is a Unique Storage to Organize Books Collection

A wise man once said that book is the window to the world. I really agree with those words. I love to collect books and reading one in the weekend. After collecting so many books, I find that they actually can also become impressive decorative items for my interior. This idea is absolutely right, especially when I put the books on a good bookcase. There are some bookcases in my home, but the round ones are my favorite.

Round bookcase becomes my favorite because it looks so unique. The piece can also help me to organize my books in an interesting way. In the first picture, there is a black round bookcase. This bookcase is not mine, but I love its elegant feel. Having a base, the round bookcase can stand by itself. The owner sets the piece near a gray wall. There are many books put on lower shelves of the piece. Meanwhile, the upper shelves serve to display unique accessories. Fake horse heads hang on wall behind the black round bookcase, creating even more elegant feel.

The second round bookcase is much more unique than the previous one because it integrates with a bed. Painted in white color, the round bookcase also serves as the bed headboard. The piece is specially designed to have ship’s wheel look. A wallpaper of ship even sticks on wall behind it. The unique piece is featured with a few slots, so that it can function effectively as a bookcase. This ship’s wheel-inspired bookcase must become the favorite of many children.
Round bookcase is very versatile. You may place the furniture in any rooms. The third picture even shows you a white round bookcase in a dining room. As you can see by yourself, the bookcase fits the room nicely. It even helps the space to look and feel more interesting. If you also have books collection, don’t be hesitated to use round bookcases for organizing them.


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