Saturday, 16 May 2015

Monochrome Bedroom Design Inspiration

Black and white; the two tones come from the exact opposite poles. They are the light and the dark shades. The assembly of the two tones in one room creates a perfect balance. However if you are not being careful while scheming the decoration, you will not like the result of what they can do to your rooms, more particularly in this article, your bedrooms. You do not have to be worried, though. We have a handful of suggestions for your monochrome bedroom, concerning the additional tone which may blend well with the combination and the room furnishing.

As we have known from the previous paragraph that we have to be extra careful while designing a monochrome bedroom. For starters if you want an additional touch of several more colours, the good news is that you can. We can begin by covering the floor under the foot of your bed and on with a modern rug, for a modern monochrome room of which the colour distribution is balance right in the middle. Your modern rug is hopefully not adorned with too many decorative elements. You can opt for a rug which is adorned by strips of calming colours such as black, olive, avocado, white, light blue, lavender and purple. However, if you desire for a rich decorative element, you may opt for the one which is still monochromatic. You do not want too many colours pop in your room and throw away the original concept, do you?

The furnishing strategy for a black and white room surprisingly is not hard at all. The sole principle is not to overload your bedroom with too many furniture. The best furniture is those of low profile ones. Fine yourself a low profile bed with standard beddings. If you have to use the platform bed, you can find the one which is closer to the ground. About the decoration scheme, you will find yourself relying on a minimalistic scheme. It helps maintaining the focus of your bedroom concept.

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