Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Impressing Designs of Small L-Shaped Kitchen Design

Small space also could accommodate l-shaped style of kitchen. Those are shown in these following designs. These small l-shaped kitchen designs perform impressing kitchens. First impressing design of kitchen performs chic design. This kitchen pours the white accent to the ceiling. This ceiling integrates some small lamps. 

This small space of kitchen embraces the polished wooden depot kitchen in full-length. This wooden depot cabinet is adjacent to the white tiles backsplash. Meanwhile, the other side only encompasses the lower cabinet under the glass window. This glass window could expand the view in this kitchen. With black pendant lamps, this space under the window performs artistic view. In the middle space, a wooden kitchen island encompasses stainless steel countertop and stainless steel handles of cabinet. This design of wooden island looks blended with the polished wooden flooring in his kitchen.

Further design impresses us with the sharp accent of this kitchen. This small kitchen performs the central attention through the black dining furniture and black kitchen island. Meanwhile, the dark wooden depot kitchen is adjacent to the wall in two parts. In the middle space of this depot kitchen performs grey stones backsplash for the white countertop. This depot kitchen performs L-shaped style. Following this style, black and white kitchen island gives l-shaped too. With black bar chairs, this l-shaped kitchen island looks so sharp over the wooden floor in this room. Some industrial pendant lamps give artistic taste in this small kitchen.
Lastly, the small kitchen performs l-shaped design in chic design. This kitchen applies the white wall of kitchen. Wooden cabinet is on the wall performs warm texture over the white pebbles backsplash in this kitchen. The upper cabinet is only in the one side of the wall. L-shaped cabinet performs only island in another side without upper cabinet. This design of the L-shaped kitchen gives maximum function in small space. Well, the small L-shaped kitchen designs with island give impressing performance in small kitchen.

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