Friday, 1 May 2015

Delightful and Enjoyable Pool and Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Having a pool within a house maybe a dream possessed by everyone. More over when the pool is accompanied by an outdoor kitchen. This could be a great combination to enjoy any moments such as a sunset or a Sunday morning too. To have such kind of combination of happiness, we will give you the ideas. These pictures will guide in how you can get a well-designed pool and outdoor kitchen at once. Check them out !

The first picture maybe one of an instance of combination, which bring the happiness to you. There is a medium swimming pool which was well-designed. It uses tiles for the floor so that it will be not slick, and some plants like two trees at both side of the pool. The outdoor kitchen is located in a corner. It is located under a roofed gazebo which able you to have a look at your surrounding area. The gazebo also prevents you from the direct sunlight so that you can cook and enjoy the food in a shady place. 

In the meantime, if you like a full outdoor kitchen one, you can refer to the second picture. The kitchen is an outdoor one with nothing shelter it. It uses a L-shaped kitchen design made by marble for the foundation and the granite for the countertop. It has the things you need in a kitchen like the kitchen sink, storage cabinet, the gas stove, and also the grill to have a barbeque. Beside of the outdoor kitchen, there is a pool. It applies a pool in a round shape. It is even still enjoyable to swimming in it then having a grilled meat after it right at the outdoor kitchen.

Move on to the fifth picture. It has a kitchen under the gazebo. The gazebo with a high ceiling allows you to feel the outdoor sensation like the wind blows, and the sound which come from flowing water. The pool is designed to have a higher part with a round shape to flow the water and create a small waterfall. It also creates a sensation of being in the mother nature.  Very enjoyable place is available for you.

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