Thursday, 30 April 2015

Suitable Girl Room Themes for Teenager and Little Girl

To create a fascinating and cozy room, the theme of the room needs to be properly chosen. The theme of the room shall be suitable with who will stay within it. If you have a daughter who is still a teenager or even a little girl, then you have to choose a suitable girl room them for her. Thus, she can stays at her room feelings comfortable and enjoy. These are some ideas of suitable girl room themes we have already gathered for you.

The opening picture might be suitable for your little girl. It has a cute theme that will be loved by your lovely daughter. Firstly, it simply paints all the walls with a white color which subsequently creates a bright impression for the room. For the next step, it applies some pink decoration on its walls. There are two painting made from fabric and have pink color on a wall. 

The other things are also having pink color such as the mattress, and the blankets on the baby crib. The white baby crib is also matched with the color of the room, beside, it functioned to give security for your baby girl it prevents her from falling down. For the last touch it gives a bright purple carpet on the parquet floor. Those elements then create a suitable theme for your baby girl, she is going to love it. On the other hand, if you have a teenager girl, you can refer to the third picture. Where it has purple color dominate the wall on both the right wall and left too. It uses an elegant purple chair too. Combined with white color of the bed, the drawers next to it, and the white headboard. For the lighting it uses a white chandelier too which gives an additional value rather than using an usual lamp.

Move on to the sixth picture where it has a pink themed room. The pink color is applied on the wall and also the pink carpet it uses. The uniqueness is existed in the decoration it uses. It place some animal decoration namely the deer. There are two deer’s head on both the right side and the left side. There is also a replica of deer within it.

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