Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cute Bedroom Designs from Girl Bedroom Ideas

Girl bedroom always serves girly stuffs and furniture. To enrich the ideas in designing girl bedroom, some following ideas offer cute bedroom designs for girls. The first idea comes with unique design in girly style.

This girl bedroom performs white accent of bedroom. White ceiling and wall in this bedroom spreads fresh feeling of bedroom. Black wooden door performs sharp accent to the bedroom. Green fiber rug over the full floor impresses grass view in this bedroom. For the result, this bedroom looks so fresh in greenery. Integrated wooden shelves are in the sides of white wall. Purple owl decals on the white wall give girly taste in the pure white wall. Grey candles pendant lamps are hung on the white ceiling with their unique styles. Unique bed in grey accent performs concave sofa style with the chic legs. White glass window accentuates the purple window shutter in foldable style. White chair in unique frame finishes the unique style in this bedroom.

Further girl bedroom comes with pink accent. The pink accent of this bedroom looks smooth and cheerful. This bedroom performs bright wooden floor to give warm balance in this pink bedroom. Pink headboard leads to determine the pink motif bed over the integrated pink drawers in the bed. Pink side-table performs maximum storage through the pink drawers with cute white handles. White fiber rug looks artistic and spacious to define the relaxed space in this bedroom. Pink make up vanity looks awesome with white mirror and the cute pink drawers. In the vaulted space, pink study vanity comes with the integrated white shelf on the pink wall.
Lastly, the girl bedroom accentuates the purple taste over the bedroom. This bedroom performs effective way in purple bunk bed. Lower part of bunk bed accommodates the purple drawers and white closet with purple handles. Sheer purple window shutter looks awesome in front of the white study vanity with purple chair. Purple rug looks cute over the bright wooden floor in this bedroom. So that, those ideas of girl bedroom offers cute designs for girl bedrooms.

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