Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beautiful Open Kitchen Design

In minimalist room design, sometimes we get problem in making new room. To decorate it well, open room design is well applied to solve it. It is also for your kitchen, open kitchen design is the nice thing to be tried. Let’s check this out.

In the first picture, we will see beautiful-simple open kitchen application. What you just need to do is give separation in your kitchen then complete it with three chairs to support your comfortable when you are in the kitchen. What separation could be applied? A long-little table application for your separation. It will be multi-functional kitchen design because it can be a place to put your stuffs or your foods.  In the other hand, it will seem like a cafe inside.

Go to the second picture, we are going to meet beautiful-luxurious open kitchen concept within your luxurious kitchen design. Use your kitchen cabinet for your kitchen table and it will minimize your space. Complete it with high armchair concept with modern style. Near your luxurious open kitchen design, you can use it for your living room. Some black color applications in your open space design will bring much more modern nuance inside. Well, it is not only beautiful anymore because it makes you need minimum space for your house room.

For the third picture, there is beautiful open kitchen design with only one separation. You can use your kitchen cabinet for its separation and it also can be your dining table. Complete it with additional little table application for your more comfortable nuance. For the color, mix the white and black color nuance can be more multifunctional because it could make your kitchen looks wider.

Finally, I wish your get new view that minimal space is not the barrier for beautifying your room design. If you want to try, beautiful open kitchen design.

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