Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beautiful Curved Floating Staircase

As the proverb said, there are so many ways to go to Rome. It also happens to your room design; you have so many ways to make your room gets nicer nuance. Here, we will start beautify your room from your stair with curved floating staircase design.

The first picture shows us how the beauty of curved floating staircase application within dark-wooden color finishing. Since this theme is also about modernity, you can apply some iron bars in your floating staircase and finish it with white color application. The mixing between white and wooden color will make your room gets its more modern nuance from your wooden-curved floating staircase.

Go to the second one, it shows us the luxurious-curved floating staircase with iron material. To create both modern and artistic nuance, you can apply floral-curved ornament along the sides of your stairs. For the color, black color application in your floral-curved staircase ornament is the best way. In the other hand, white color finishing in the stair itself will be beautiful completion for your luxurious-curved floating staircase design. To show up your beautiful floral-curved staircase ornament, do not forger to apply good lighting design in your room in order to make your beautiful-luxurious staircase design shines beautifully.
In the third picture, beautiful curved floating staircase concept with full wooden ornament is waiting you. In this kind of design, you do not need to finish it with new color. Just let it be in its original color and the natural beauty will come from your full-wooden curved staircase design. In the middle of your stair, it is okay to place a wood pool vertically. It can be used to strengthen your construction and it is beautiful to bring classical nuance. Finally, it is your turn to choose which one is the best applied to your room. Never wait too long because the beauty waits you there.

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