Friday, 17 April 2015

Metal Countertop Ideas to Give Contemporary Appeal in Your Kitchen

Choosing countertop material is one of few things you have to sort out when designing a kitchen. Countertop materials have their own features. Therefore, you should be able to define countertop material that suits your kitchen style. If you are working on a modern or contemporary kitchen, metal countertop could be a great choice. This type of countertop will offer you shining look and modern appeal. Metal countertop is also strong and durable so you can have it in your kitchen for years to come. Today, we include some of cool examples about metal countertop applications in some kitchens. Have a look!

The first picture will take you to a beautiful Scandinavian kitchen interior design. As you can see, the wall is dominated with stone tiles. Moreover, this kitchen also has its windowsill filled with lovely flowers. As the focal point, this kitchen uses a sleek kitchen island with metal countertop. The counter top offers stylish glossy look and solid surface.

Next, we will show you this fabulous red kitchen design. This red wall brings vibrant and cheery nuance. This kitchen also has an l-shaped modern cabinetry with red base. On the cabinetry, you will see fancy metal countertop design. This chrome colored countertop gives this room modern accent with it shiny outlook. On its countertop, the cabinetry also features a stainless steel sink and a stove set.
Meanwhile, this one is also a good example of a contemporary kitchen design. You will see the wall is filled with some sleek espresso wall cabinets. The backsplash design also looks so wonderful with mosaic tiles. This modern backsplash design is fused nicely with the metal countertop. In this room, the metal countertop looks very appealing. In addition, the metal countertop also makes a harmonious connection with other metallic elements such as the metal exhaust hood and the metal sink.

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