Thursday, 23 April 2015

Defining Bathroom Images through the Appealing Bathroom Design

Bathroom design could define the images of the bathroom itself. Maybe with these following bathroom designs, you could shape appealing images to your bathroom. First bathroom shows white purely accent. The white accent of this bathroom supports the freshness of water in the bathroom. This white bathroom has the large shower space in white accent. The white plastic curtain in straight rod covers the shower space from the bath area. White ceiling embraces some white integrated lamps. The lamps spread white light to the white floor and white tiles wall. This white tiles wall also becomes the white backsplash for the large white sink area. The mirrored cabinet is above the white sink space which also has some white drawers as the storage. Beside this area, the white toilet performs clear accent under the glass shelf which accommodate several bath tools.

Next bathroom brings calm image through the brown tiles. This bathroom performs the square brown tiles to the whole parts of this bathroom. Thus, this bathroom impresses the calm freshly accent. Brown tiles of this bathroom have the pure white texture, which brings brightness. This bathroom is an opened bathroom that encompasses all in one space. The white toilet in modern design looks clear. Then the white sink area with the beautiful faucet looks nice with the light over it. The shower tool is hung over the white bathtub without any wall or barrier.
The last bathroom defines its image through the bright wooden material. This bathroom looks so mature with the setting. White ceiling looks peaceful above the elegant accent of wooden material. The shower space also performs wooden walls with the brown pebbles floor. Next to it, this white bathtub looks so relief with its style. The side of this bathtub accommodates the black mini shelf to keep the clean towels. White rug over the wooden floor defines its own area to lead to the shower space or the bathtub. Well, those awesome designs define their own images of bathroom in different styles.


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