Friday, 3 July 2015

The Compact Apartment Bedroom Design with The Green Nuance

An apartment will reflect what is in a house. It means that they supportive materials in an apartment can be from the main idea of the house. The different sometimes that the apartment living space will not be separated over all and they tend to be the small design to maximize the whole area to be some living spaces. For the bedroom, it will be separated sometimes, especially for the kid’s bedroom. Here will lead you to get the compact design of the kid’s bedroom with the nuance of green.

It starts from the application of the laminate flooring design. The flooring design will look so harmonious with the green concept, which will be built. The timber bed frame design will be the harmony for the flooring design. The green nuance of the bedding concept is the best part to mix the timber accent of the bed frame. The green accent can be from the walls as well. The soft green tone will be the warm accent of the bedroom atmosphere.

The sectional desk for the computer will look as the unique part. The timber sectional computer desk will be completed by the floating shelving design to place the line of books or other collections. The white concept of table lamp will give its own role of ornament. The timber drawer with the shelving design can be the storage of the achieves and some of the kid’s collections. The pictures or some action figures can be placed on the floating shelves design above the drawer. The pictures of some cartoon characters will add the kids nuance for the room.
This room is so suitable for the active kids. The combination of the green accent and the timber style will gain the perfect composition to the warm nuance. The combination will not create the strongest spot or even the focal point. They are all the balance concept.

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