Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wondrous Modern Shower Curtain Designs for your Exclusive Bath

Different bathroom design can be designed with change your glass shower box. Change it with curtain as the room divider. Shower curtain is attractive with pattern but you can use curtain that is suitable with your desire. Here, some modern shower curtain comes with chic pattern and elegant plain design. It is modern shower curtain with unique pattern. Usually, it is combined with mid-century modern bathroom ideas. The curtain is transparent in the middle part and white in edge. Furthermore is modern shower curtain with light blue color. It is rail top curtain and aside of the wooden bathroom vanity cabinet plus mirror. Besides that, it is mixed with white bathtub, doormat, and window blind.

Modern shower curtain ideas are with blue and sweet pattern. It is tab top curtain for bathtub and rainfall shower head. Furthermore is modern shower curtain with beautiful image. Black cats and the footprint pattern make it cute and proper for kids’ bathroom ideas. Then, modern shower curtain is with white color and floral pattern. Next is modern shower curtain with two tones brown and grey. Also, it is decorated with white line and pattern. Besides that, it is combined with wall framed picture, bathtub, and wooden table for folding towel.
Then, modern shower curtain is mixed with corner bathtub design. It is designed from fabric with floral pattern too. Sweet modern shower curtain uses white color upper section. Then, it is combined with cute brown pattern underneath. In addition, the pattern is visualized on the bathroom accessories and wall shelf. Modern shower curtain with elegant color is mixed with classic bathroom design. It is overlooking chandelier and padded stools. Besides that, bathroom is decorated with wooden desk and double hung windows. The last is modern shower curtain with ruffle design in neutral colors of white, cream, and brown. Alongside that, it is combined with wooden vanity cabinet and free standing faucet.


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