Monday, 1 June 2015

Homey Feeling of Rustic Bed Frames Ideas

Wood is known as eco-friendly material for home furniture. People like using this material although it is categorized as rustic style. Commonly, wood material is often found on the table, chair, and bed frame. Well, this article discusses about rustic bed frames ideas. Firstly is rustic bed frame design that is simple from brown hardwood. It has short legs and quite high headboard design. Then, it is mixed with white bedding sets of mattress and pillows. Besides that, it is organized with small wooden table for computer. Secondly is rustic bed frame from log with rear headboard design. After that, it is mixed with blue mattress and wild life pattern quilt and pillows.

Alongside that, rustic bed frame is mixed with vintage table and fur rug. Furthermore is rustic log bed frame idea is combined with vibrant orange wooden dresser. Besides that, bedroom is decorated with Persian rug and white wooden stools plus window curtain. Fourth is rustic Victorian wooden bed frame design. It is mixed with white mattress and minimalist bedroom decoration. This bedroom uses log wall design and laminate wood floor. After that, it is organized with table lamp, two tables, and mounting ceiling fan. Excellent rustic log bed frame design feats with classic pattern bedding sets. Then, it is decorated with lacquer wooden chest of drawer, bench, and tables.
In order the bedroom is romantic so it can be added with shady table lamps and red wall painting. Furthermore is rustic bed frame with small hollows and carving headboard design. It is floating platform bed with grey bedding sets. Next is rustic queen bed frame with small pattern on the footboard. Then, it is mixed with wooden table for cup lamps and wall artwork. In addition, this bedroom design is integrated with balcony. Lastly, rustic log bed frame ideas are combined with magenta wall painting. Alongside that, bedroom is filled with shady table lamps and lacquer chest of drawer

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