Thursday, 21 May 2015

Heavenly Azure Bedroom Design Inspiration

Azure brings both peaceful and joy into the atmosphere. Combined with white, it makes a perfect palette for those who love freedom. There are, of course, varieties of blue colour. We would gladly take the fact into account. Some shades of blue project powerful drama effect, while the other shade emanates either masculine or feminine feeling which creates homey feeling for the occupants.

Cyan can never fail to bring the feeling as if you are soaring high in the vast blue sky, especially if you add the crisp cloud white accent tone above everything. Place a circular tripod lamp right beside your bed and try turn it on. The brilliant white light glows brightly like the sun hanging in the sky above a pile of white puffy pillows. To those who love the sky dearly, there is no other perfect bedroom than this one.

Cerulean makes a perfect combination with the monochrome tones. Indulge yourself on a low platform bed, alighted with a dim tubular lamp on the nightstand, in a white and cerulean. You are most welcome to lie around on the modern rug in strips of white, black and grey while sun-bathing the natural sunlight streaming through the wide skylight in replacement to your sloping ceiling. Through the same skylight or window, you can directly see the groups of white clouds roaming in the clear blue sky. And you would start wondering if you are a god or goddess kept in the Earth while the sky is teasing your attempt to fly back to Heaven.

Light blue and crisp white make a perfect chic colour for the bedroom for your girls. It is enticing to see the low profile furnishing in such beautiful room with light blue floral pattern lace curtains layering the sheer curtains as the backdrop. The drama comes from the tall decorative headboard which is designed just like logs in different sizes. However as you pinch it, it is actually quite squishy.

Those were a few of much more enticing inspiration for your blue bedrooms. Notice that different shade of blue colour prompts different impression. In short, you will have to be really in choosing the perfect shade of blue for the scheme of your rooms.

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