Saturday, 2 May 2015

Effective Room Wall Divider Ideas

If you feel that your room is too spacious, then I suggest you to add it with wall divider. Therefore, the spacious room can be divided into two spaces. You may use each space for special function. Well, the following are a few ideas on room wall divider. Enjoy reading.

Wall divider for room can be made from various materials, including wood, glass, fabric, etc. If you have limited budget, you may even decide to create a wall divider by yourself. It’s a very interesting idea, right? The first picture shows you an attractive striped curtain that functions as wall divider. The striped curtain comes in black and white colors. It’s installed from the ceiling and hanging down to the floor. The curtain divides a room into two spaces. One space is used for kitchen, while the other space functions as dining room.

Let’s move to the second picture. It’s a room with white ceiling and walls. An awesome wooden wall divider is installed in the middle of the room. Since the wall divider is made from wood, it also brings bold natural feel. It divides the white room into two spaces. The room owner decorates one space with round wooden dining table and comfortable chairs. However, I haven’t got clear idea about the function of the other space.
From the third picture, you can see a white room with laminate wooden floor. Sliding doors with white glass panels is installed in the room to serve as wall divider. Therefore, you can find two spaces in the room. One space functions specifically as a bedroom; it’s decorated with a comfortable white bed. There are white floating shelves behind the bed. Wall decals of men in black give elegant touch to the bedroom. Well, which one is your favorite room wall divider?

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