Thursday, 30 April 2015

Modern IKEA Bathroom Cabinet

Is bathroom only for taking a bath? Maybe it is true but is still need more furniture. Bathroom cabinet is one of that might you need. However, it is okay to set beautiful bathroom cabinet and IKEA bathroom cabinet is here to help you.

In the first picture, we are going to meet nice-modern simple bathroom design within simple IKEA bathroom cabinet design. Set it in wooden color finishing then put that bathroom cabinet near your door. How is it for your washbasin above your simple IKEA bathroom design? Do not place it in special place because it even looks so beautiful in its simplicity.

Go to the second one, there is beautiful-modern IKEA bathroom cabinet within black-white nuance. Mix it in your bathroom cabinet and your washbasin application. For the black color, you could use wooden material with black color finishing. You can also make your private space with applying door in your black-white IKEA bathroom cabinet. It is just simple touch of bathroom cabinet but the modernity comes from that simplicity. To complete it out, white lighting design is good way to make your bathroom shines nicely.

In the third picture, it is luxurious-modern bathroom concept with blue IKEA bathroom cabinet. To strengthen your modernity, you can mix your blue IKEA bathroom cabinet with white ceramic application in the wall and the floor design. If you want to have artistic nuance, you can apply some motifs in your ceramic application. Just set in your floor’s frame and your mirror design.

In L-shaped bathroom design, you can place your IKEA bathroom design in the edge of your bathroom. How about the color? Black-colored IKEA cabinet is the best mate your bathroom. Well, let’s choose one of them and realize it in your bathroom design. After all, smile happily because you will see beautiful bathroom with your IKEA cabinet design.

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