Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Classic and Modern Look Of Kitchen in Stunning Red Theme

Can you tell me about your opinion related to kitchen? I believe people will consider that kitchen is one of the most important parts in their home. As we know, kitchen gives their functions in our daily life. For the reason, good decoration of kitchen is very important. In today article, I will give you explanation about classic and modern kitchen that used red theme.

Just look at the three pictures of kitchen below. We will start from modern interior kitchen design. This kitchen has modern red kitchen cabinet. The red tone can be seen on the storage unit. In the other hand, the countertop is applied modern white concrete material. It also has floating lockers with glass doors. The interesting thing is that the kitchen cabinet is equipped with mini bar table. We can see a modern pendant lamp over the bar table.

The next picture gives us a clear vision of classic kitchen look. It uses wooden material to make the kitchen cabinet. We can see that the kitchen cabinet applies great color combination of black and red. The red for the storage unit while the black for the elegant black concrete countertop. It fused perfectly with the creamy tone as the wall painting. Small white windows are set in the corner of the room. It uses nice white curtains for the window treatment. You will find a small kitchen table with some rustic rattan chairs in front of the cabinet.

If we see the third picture, elegant look is clearly seen. The red kitchen cabinet is equipped with smart storage idea. It also has nice white concrete countertop and some modern kitchen appliance. Huge glass wall brings the bright nuance for the kitchen. The glass wall is decorated with stunning red curtains as the window treatment.

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